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Choose a Reputable Tree Service in Springfield, MO

At Clancy’s Custom Hardwood and Tree Service, we take great pride in assisting property owners in taking advantage of a lush, green backyard’s beauty, safety, and comfort.

We have the necessary expertise to comprehend your unique problems and to be transparent about the health of your trees. We work hard to give you a specialized service that is tailored to your specific needs and offers an appropriate resolution. You may rely on us to give your trees an improved and healthier appearance than ever. Make an appointment for Springfield, MO, tree service now!

With Our Assistance, Maintain the Health of Your Landscape

Customers in the region can choose from a variety of services from us, such as:


  • Tree Removal: Has your property a dangerous tree? Our specialists can assist. We can help you increase the curb appeal of your home, safeguard other trees on your property, and even gain additional space for a future home expansion.
  • Tree Trimming: We can assist you in enhancing the general structure and beauty of your trees. By doing this, we stop the growth of large or feeble branches. We have a wealth of expertise and know-how to trim your trees properly.
  • Stump Grinding: A stump remains after a tree is cut down. This might be both hazardous and ugly! Trust our professionals to remove the unsightly stump and enhance the safety and appearance of your property.

Evaluate Your Objectives for Tree Care

Hire a reputable tree service in Springfield, MO, to take care of your landscaping with the highest consideration and care. Give us a call right away, and we’ll give you a thorough assessment of the health of your trees.

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